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It’s not just that Castlevania on Netflix is fun to watch, with the dramatic fights and amazing animation, there’s also some great dialogue to enjoy. There are some interesting quotes in the series once you get past the harrowing bloodshed and crazy action sequences. Some of the quotes are expository to the plot, reveal important character arcs, or are just profound and philosophical in general.

It was fun combing through the series to find some interesting verbal nuggets of gold. This is a show that’s hard to look away from in any episode. Here are some top quotes from the first three seasons of Castlevania on Netflix.

Updated by Kristy Ambrose on June 11th, 2012: With Season 4 now available on Netflix and fans mining the first three seasons for easter eggs and plot holes, and the writing for this recent chapter as good as ever, we can add a few more brilliant quotes to the list. The end of this stellar video game adaptation, one of the best to date, is met with mixed feelings. It’s a shame to see the series end so abruptly but everyone is looking forward to the upcoming spinoff.

15 Lisa: “Maybe I could help you re-learn some manners.”

We think Lisa’s out of her mind when she climbs those stairs with no more than a dagger to protect herself. So does Dracula, which might be why he doesn’t attack her at once. Then she starts to make some real sense, giving him practical advice about getting out of the house once in a while and not acting so creepy to guests.

Up until she says this phrase, we don’t know how she feels about Dracula. Is she going to try and kill him? Does she think he’s a monster? It turns out she’s just being honest about learning about science, just as she’s honest about Dracula taking himself too seriously and not taking advantage of his knowledge. She’s fearless when she says this to him, and Dracula falls hard for her because of that.

14 Dracula: “Kill for the endless lifetime of hate before me.”

Dracula unleashes his wrath on Wallachia

Another entry from the very first episode, “Witchbottle,” a quote that neatly encapsulates the despair that propels Dracula’s war against humanity. His motives drive the plot of the first season, and the circumstances of his death are the basis for the next three.

Given the nature of Dracula’s passing, where he essentially gives himself up to his son to be killed, it might have been a desperate, angry way of asking to die.

13 Trevor Belmont: “I’m Trevor f****** Belmont, and I’ve never lost a fight to man, nor f****** beast!”

He had already introduced himself, sort of, but in a quiet, almost embarrassing way. That’s no way for a Belmont to behave. Just before he succeeds in beating down a gang of country bumpkins in a tavern after taking a few solid hits himself, Trevor stands at his full height and declares who he is and what that means with this quote.

This is the character that the gamers wanted to see, a hero who fights vampires, night creatures, and all the monsters that plague humanity.

12 The Alchemist: “Sacrifice your ethics, your morals, Sacrifice your soul to the task.”

Castlevania Season 4 Saint Germain and Trevor

The phrase “You Must Sacrifice” can mean a lot of different things. The writers of this Season 4 episode intended that and thus the title. They also wanted the audience to see the dark path on which St. Germain is about to walk.

However, there’s a bit of foreshadowing here for other characters. They will be called on to make sacrifices for the greater good or for their own future throughout the course of this season, and some choices are more permanent than others.

11 Trevor Belmont: “Killing you was the point. Living through it was just a luxury.”

Trevor isn’t exactly the most articulate character in the show, but he has some of the best lines. Trevor has risen from the boozy mud that we first saw him wallowing in only a few episodes ago to assert himself as a Belmont, and this line reveals his rediscovered purpose.

Like Isaac, another character who has multiple entries on this list, Trevor is willing to give his life in order to accomplish his goals. It also signifies that he and Alucard are equals when it comes to battle prowess which forms a bond between them.

10 Isaac: “Yes. This is the work we were born for.”

This chapter is entitled “War Council” for a good reason. Isaac says this line in a tense exchange between Dracula and his Forgemasters. It’s in this scene when we start to see the deviation between the characters of Isaac and Hector. This line is uttered by Isaac, who is fully on board and aware of Dracula’s plan, and it demonstrates how seriously he takes the situation at hand.

He believes he was born to do Dracula’s bidding. Hector agrees, but his reaction compared to this declaration is much more subdued, even sad and regretful. That makes it easier for Carmilla to seduce Hector. She was too smart to even bother with Isaac.

9 Carmilla: “You don’t deserve my blood.”

Isaac battles Carmilla in her castle

This quote is also the name of this stunning episode. Not only is it dripping with the blood and gore that define the action sequences of this series, but it shows Carmilla going out in the fieriest climax possible.

It’s satisfying not only because it suits her character but it also gives Isaac, a fan-favorite from the last season, some much-needed closure. It also provides an interesting contrast to the fates of her sisters, who fade from view not with a bang but a whimper.

8 Lenore: “Is that all there is to it?”

Lenore, Castlevania, death scene close-up

She used her vampiric powers to seduce and manipulate as opposed to stronger characters like Striga and Carmilla, who used weapons and force. This is why Lenore’s passing is so peaceful, and also therefore apt to her character.

Lenore refuses to live in a cage, and her reaction to seeing her last sunrise is one of resigned disappointment. Perhaps she would have been happier if she knew that Striga and Morana had managed to escape safely. It’s also an interesting contrast to Carmilla’s dramatic exit.

7 Sypha: “We know the stories, but sometimes it’s hard to separate fact from truth.”

Netflix Castlevania Season 3 Trailer

This observation from Sypha isn’t just smart in general, it reveals one of the underlying premises and main themes of the whole show. That refers to the actual physical places that they visit, some of which exist in real life and others that are fictional, but also to the competing ideologies that drive most of the plot.

Every single religion has a collection of stories about origin and conduct, but how much of them are based in reality and how much is fiction? The legend of the “Sleeping Soldier” is actually a great example of this, as it was only partially true.

6 Trevor Belmont: “Goodnight, Tree.”

Another one from Trevor that’s simple and yet poignant. It’s also indicative of the effort the writers have gone through to humanize Trevor and give him a sympathetic backstory. We know who he is, now it’s time to meet his family, or at least what they left behind.

The journey to the ruins of the Belmont Hold is a bittersweet one, and as they pass his childhood home he recognizes an old tree that was his favorite place to play. In a moment of surprising tenderness, he describes all of his adventures as a pirate, a hero, a soldier, all in that special tree. His sad but pleasant story ends with this simple but meaningful salutation.

5 Isaac: “Thank you for revealing to me how the corruption of the world has made its way into Dracula’s Court. Thank you for showing me the truth.”

Godbrand and Isaac are polar opposites in every imaginable way, so we knew sparks would fly if they ever confronted each other. What we didn’t expect was this hair-raising quote from Isaac and one of the best human versus vampire fights in television history. Not only does this solidify Isaac as a loyal follower of Dracula, even at the expense of his own life, but it also shows the depth of his conviction and his ability to destroy literally anyone who tries to hinder him.

Imagine this guy at the head of his own demon army? Except that you don’t have to imagine it. He does exactly that in season three.

4 Hector: “Vampires. You like to play with your food.”

It’s a great quote about vampires anyway, and this snide comment from Hector is a map of his own character arc. In the previous season, Isaac and Hector have a conversation in which Hector says he sees a similarity between wild predators and vampires. He sees them as creatures of beauty, grace, and joy, who act without malice, even when they “play with their food.” Isaac points out that the exercise isn’t as joyful for the food.

Now, as a prisoner of the Council of Sisters, Isaac knows what’s it’s like to be food. This quote can also foreshadow Lenore’s seduction scene that ensnares Hector to her service in later episodes.

3 Isaac: “Why do I keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result?”

Yet another entry from Isaac, because, of course. This is the culmination of the turning point that started with Dracula tossing him into the desert. Here’s the point where Isaac throws away any restraint that he has left and decides to do things by force.

The chilling part of this quote is that we’ve all been close to that breaking point, and it’s a good thing not all of us had an army of demons at our command. It hits close to home and foreshadows his power and exploits will escalate.

2 FlysEyes: “…I learned something about sin. I learned to like it.”

The character is named FlysEyes, which is something you’ll have to look up using your favorite internet search engine. A bit more digging will reveal the name Gildart Jackson, and he steals this scene with a haunting tale of life, death, and rebirth. Even if you never find out his name, you won’t forget his voice.

He’s a demon Isaac creates that has the ability to speak, and he has a chilling conversation with his creator at the end of this episode. We won’t give it all away, but the harrowing tale story FlysEyes tells is about manufactured crimes, demonizing free thought, and the nature of sin, and has some interesting real-life and modern parallels.

1 Lisa: “We have a second chance.”

Dracula and Lisa, screenshot final episode, lying in bed at the inn

In a short segment at the end of episode 10 that feels like an epilogue, Lisa and Dracula have been restored to life and are hiding out in a small country inn. They have a brief conversation about what they think has happened, and Lisa finally sums it up with this quote.

Her words not only complete the circle of giving certain characters a happy ending but teases the possibility of a spinoff series. Isn’t that what everyone wants, a second chance?

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