A cultural look into Lunar New Year celebrations | Connections

No event or celebration is more revered than Lunar New Year, the 15-day long event that stops the world’s biggest nation.


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The Peculiar Utility Of The Reverse Emotions!

The best way to handle these emotions, in certain unhappy conditions only, is to reverse these. The reversing process must come only from you, the husband, and it promises to be a very tough one; but, I assure you, it should be very effective although I don’t have any data in support and only throw up typical situations when this unique method can be practiced…

A Brief Guide on Load Boards For Shippers and Freight Brokers

More and more shippers and freight brokers are using load boards nowadays considering that many people are actively shopping online. This article talks about the basics of accessing and using load boards or freight boards.

Huntington’s Disease – A Comparison of Modern (Allopathic) and Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Huntington’s disease (HD), also known as Huntington’s chorea, is a rare, degenerative neurological disease with a strong hereditary component. Children with one affected parent have a 50 percent chance of inheriting the disease. Symptoms are progressive in nature and include involuntary jerky movements, impaired muscular coordination, falls, slurred speech, difficulty in swallowing, mood changes, and dementia. Symptoms usually become apparent during middle age, and death may occur from between ten to thirty years. Rarely, children too may be affected with a juvenile form of the disease, which progresses much faster than the adult-onset disease.

How Do We Choose a Partner? A Guide to Personal Relationships

We each have a deep-seated goal that drives our life, and we often choose a partner that can help us fulfil this goal. Does a relationship revolve around the same goal? Not always. But whether it does or it doesn’t determines what the relationship will look like to other people: a harmonious one which often elicits a comment that “these two are meant for each other”, or a total shock to the observer that “these two can even stand each other”. I elaborate on that in the article below.

Human Reaction To Global Events

There are allot of contributing factors as to why the world is the way it is today. We can trace human behavior and our subsequent responses to certain events to the beginning of human history. Humanity whose existence has always been filled with flaws have caused the world to tumble into a cataclysm of tempests as we are seeing today.