Ad Meter Live: Rating the Super Bowl’s best Commercials of 2022 | USA TODAY

We talk Super Bowl ads with two-time MVP Eli Manning, ‘Sopranos’ star Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who reprised her role as Meadow Soprano for Chevy, and tennis phenom Serena Williams, fresh off her ad for Michelob Ultra.


Let’s be honest. Most people are watching the Super Bowl for the commercials. Since 1989, USA Today’s Ad Meter lets the public vote on which ads they loved most. Ad Meter Live hosted by Ralphie Aversa breaks down the results, the buzz, and all the fanfare.

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Virtual Assistant Challenges

Being born during the years where Virtual assistant does not exist because computers were just intended for the use of a single nontechnical user, and were generally very less powerful regarding memory functions and expandability. Their most common uses were playing video games, but they were also regularly used for word processing, doing homework, and programming. I got to experience using computers at school we called it DOS a command-line operating system with no graphical windows.

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