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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – We’ve heard a lot of travel nightmare stories over the past week with airlines dealing with operational issues, weather delays and passengers stuck at the airport.

Days later, things at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport seem to be improving.

“So far right now, I haven’t experienced any delays or crazy stuff,” traveler Jeremias Endrind said.

Earlier this week, travelers did not have similar experiences. In fact, delays and cancellations were running rampant.

The airport is still busy, but the number of frustrated people, the length of lines, and the backlog of lost luggage is much smaller.

Air travel in and out of the Queen City appears to be normalizing, and chaos is minimal except for travelers rushing to catch their flight.

It’s a stark difference from a just few days ago, but some people are still on edge.

“I’ve never had more anxiety than I’ve had this week, worrying about whether, computers, or some kind of cancellation issues that were going to keep me from getting out,” John Howard said.

“I was kind of a little skeptical about it, but once I got in, I was like okay I’m good, my flight will be smooth,” Mykala Langster of Detroit, Mich. said.

There were a few cancellations and delays on the board today, but nothing appeared major, and travelers were rebooked for later flights.

“I’m here, it seems to be working, I don’t see too many people yelling or hollering, so I guess it’s okay,” Howard said.

Many travelers on Friday made it to the airport hours early to avoid any problems.

“I came here early and it’s an international flight so just be prepared,” Endrind said.

Another traveler offered some advice on ways she avoids disruptions to her plans.

“Planning ahead and having flexibility in a plan, for me was the key,” Leslie Wilson said.

Wilson looks at on-time percentages for flights, books flights so she has a backup if one is canceled, and she gets to her destination days early.

“Normally you travel the day before to make sure you’re there, so maybe I would think about coming in, or planning to come an extra day earlier,” Wilson said.

Some travelers are just hoping and praying for the best.

“No cancellations for me, please no, no, no, no, not today because I have things planned for tonight,” Endrind said.

Travelers say one thing that saved them from trouble at the airport are the airline mobile app, so they don’t have to wait in line to check-in, or change their flight or seat assignments.

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