Christian Fuchs: “We take full responsibility” – Charlotte FC

TORONTO – Most away matches this season have been frustrating for the team – this Toronto one is no different and maybe the worst of them. Defender and captain, Christian Fuchs, believes it’s so frustrating because the team has shown flashes of good play in away matches and even did so in this match. 

“I think we show at times in certain phases of the game. But we concede goals that came at the unfortunate moments that we scored ourselves that are questionable. In the first half, besides the mistakes that we made. Things also didn’t go for us. Didn’t go our way at all. And that just sums up the first half was complete crap. A half you should forget as quick as possible.  

“Second half, we think we want a different phase definitely. Besides the result, I think we really moved the ball well and tried to get a goal back… It’s just overall a very frustrating evening that we all have to acknowledge.”

Fuchs picked up a red card long after the damage had already been done in the first half but addressed the thinking behind it. 

“Just to stop a goal. I mean, you don’t think, oh, I need to make this foul immediately there, that has nothing to do with it. Just, I didn’t want him to go through, it happens so fast, it’s in the moment that you make this decision and it goes your way or doesn’t go your way. I don’t think it makes a difference in the game overall.” 

Fuchs is adamant about the team taking accountability for the result but still needs to turn over the page and focus on the home matches ahead. 

“A game like that, you should forget as quick as possible. Try to just let your mind take the day off… then we’ll try to build on the second half. I mean, I think everybody saw that we became the dominant team in the second half. But listen, I really want to talk about the good side of the game, because obviously, we really messed up today and we step up to that, we take full responsibility.” 

“And we all have to put our hands up and say that we messed up. That’s what it is. But the good thing is that next weekend we can make it right and try to get a win at home.”