Cincinnati Zoo welcomes adorable, newborn hippo | USA TODAY #Shorts

A zoo in Ohio is welcoming an adorable, newborn hippo this week. The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden announced that Bibi the hippo gave birth around 10 p.m. Wednesday to a healthy, full-term hippo baby.

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The newborn’s big sister Fiona is already a zoo celebrity. In the months after she was born in January 2017, the small hippo rose to national fame – inspiring her own ice cream flavor, children’s books and fan tattoos.

Beginning Tuesday, the zoo’s hippo team noticed a difference in Bibi’s behavior and shared that she was showing signs consistent with being in labor, including being restless outside and preferring to stay indoors.

Bibi and her baby will spend the next two weeks bonding behind the scenes and won’t be visible to the public. The zoo plans to share photos and videos if the care team can get them without disturbing the new baby and mom.

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