‘Gone before your time’: Charlotte mayor speaks with mother of woman killed in Mexico – Yahoo News

The mayor of Charlotte talked about an international investigation and her hope for justice in the mysterious death of a 25-year-old Charlotte woman.

It has been nearly one month since Shanquella Robinson died while on a trip with friends to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The story has been reported nationwide, and has millions wanting to know how and why she was killed.

“She was a beautiful young woman,” Mayor Vi Lyles said. “You could see it from every bit of her being that she took pride in herself, and when you are like that and you’re gone before your time, people wonder. And I think in a selfish kind of way, if this happened to her daughter, what would this do for mine?”


Lyles called Robinson’s mother Monday night to extend condolences after last weekend’s funeral.

“I don’t know that I thought that I would have to console as many people as I have had as a result of violence, and that is telling about who we are right now and how do we change that direction,” Lyles said.

There have not been many updates from Mexican authorities on the woman’s death.

However, they did release a death certificate that showed Robinson died from a broken neck and severed spinal cord.

The Charlotte FBI confirmed last week it’s investigating her death.

“And she was so strong,” Lyles said. “Moms have to be strong, but she was strong in that conversation. I’m not sure I could be that strong.”

Lyles hopes justice will be swiftly served.

“An investigation needs to be done, and someone needs to be called for justice,” Lyles said.

Mayor pro tem Braxton Winston said he started following the case before it got national attention.

He’s confident that the widespread news coverage and social media discussions will put pressure on authorities to solve the crime.

“I am engaged with folks that are dedicated to applying pressure, to make sure that this family has the things that they need,” Winston said. “You have a lot of people here in Charlotte that know how to apply pressure to the system.”

VIDEO: FBI joins investigation into death of Charlotte woman in Mexico