House passes bipartisan gun reform legislation, sends to Biden | USA TODAY

The House passed the most meaningful gun reform legislation in 28 years. President Biden said he will sign into law.

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Indian Miniature Painting – Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century

The Origin of Miniature Paintings Descended from the art of Persia and Turkey, these paintings and the artists were supported by Mughal Emperors the Rajput Kings. In many ways, the subjects and objects painted in these paintings are narrative. They show how the people of India lived in those days.

If You Really Want to Be Happy, There Is Only ONE THING You Need!

Good news everybody – finally discovered the code to unending everlasting happiness. Trust me, I am not quoting from any book because I received this revelation from Heaven this morning and I am bursting forth with joy on having discovered this secret that the entire human race has been vociferously trying to decode since centuries.

Six Features a D3P Needs to Make the Cloud 17a-4 Compliant

FINRA now allows member firms to use the cloud to store electronic records and emails, however if you are a compliance officer and have done your homework, you have noticed that cloud providers will not act as your designated third party (D3P). Reason being, they can’t guarantee data stored with them will be retained for 7 years. In other words, they can’t prevent anyone from deleting anything from their cloud account at anytime – a big no-no for regulators. Especially when they show up for the electronic records request during the audit and see huge gaps in your data archive. Therefore, if you are a FINRA firm, such as a broker-dealer, RIA or any other registered firm and want to use the cloud you need to find a D3P that will connect into it and make it 17a-4 compliant.

Link Building That Works: 5 Link Building Strategies

A few years back, link building was all about getting as many backlinks as possible. Today, it’s a different game. If you want to have a link building strategy, keep in mind that you can’t create a lot of links in a few hours or days. The authority of the websites plays an important role as far as search engine rankings are concerned. In this article, we are going to talk about a few link building strategies. Read on to find out more.

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