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It’s almost been a year since Brittney Griner got detained in Russia. The WNBA star recently has her appeal denied by the Russian Federation challenging her nine-year sentence. However, things escalated when news about her transfer to the penal colony made headlines. Likewise, the pressure on the United State of America is piling up. Joe Biden and the US officials have come under the fire for not making a move to bring the 32-year-old back home. However, their recent claims might be an arrow for her supporters.


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The President of the United States of America has actively followed Griner’s case. Notably, Biden was the first person to take a stand against her sentence in Russia calling it unfair. Since then, he has made it his priority to make sure the WNBA All-Star returns back soon. He even met with her family to solidify his intentions. However, as far as results go, there hasn’t been much movement.


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Now, Brittney Griner has been transferred to a Russian penal colony, one of the most gruesome and terrifying prison systems. These dark times have given rise to fear among her supporters. Moreover, they have naturally questioned the efforts taken by the US government. However, the officials recently revealed that they did everything from their end. However, Russia might have failed to discuss the terms in good faith.

Is Russia not ready to let Brittney Griner go easy?

Early into Griner’s detention, there were rumors about Biden devising a potential prisoner swap. Along with Griner, another former US marine Paul. N. Whelan was to be part of the deal. Likewise, the offer on the table was simple. The United States of America offers Russia, Viktor Bout in exchange for their two citizens. Optimism rose when Griner was transferred to the Russian penal colony.


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According to a Russian diplomat, Bout held the key to Brittney Griner’s release. However, that might be false as claimed by US officials. In a statement made about their efforts, they said, “The Russian Federation has consistently failed to negotiate in good faith,” 

United States of America reportedly made a ‘substantial offer’ to Russia for Brittney Griner

“The Russian Federation has consistently failed to negotiate in good faith,”

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— NBACentral (@TheNBACentral) November 18, 2022


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Not all facts are clear to the public. Hence, it’s difficult to point fingers at either of the parties. Unfortunately, what seems clear is that Griner’s release is far from close. The WNBA star has had a hard journey battling the distance from her friends and family for over 300 days. Her only hope arguably lies in the efforts taken by her own country. However, the ongoing international tensions might be hampering her release from Russia.

The recent updates put Brittney Griner and her supporters in a tough spot. The United States of America have claimed to answer all demands set by Russia. But even then they have not responded healthily. Moreover, they now have to deal with the thought of the 32-year-old living in a penal colony with no real timeline.


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