James Webb Space Telescope will take flight as a US postage stamp in September – USA TODAY

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The James Webb Space Telescope has already traveled 1 million miles through space. Soon, the next-generation telescope will be making its way through the U.S. Postal Service.

The Postal Service announced Tuesday that the James Webb Space Telescope will be featured on new stamps becoming available September 8 (pre-orders begin Aug. 8). The image features the telescope‘s 18 gold-coated segments, which form a 21-foot mirror lens.

The new Forever stamps – priced at 60 cents, a pane of 20 is $12 – will feature the $10 billion scientific marvel, which sent back images earlier this month that wowed the scientific community and laypersons alike. The telescope, which was launched Dec. 25, 2021, is a joint project involving NASA, The Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency.

The James Webb Space Telescope: First image shows thousands of galaxies

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Currently, there are no plans for any stamps featuring the telescope’s captured images, the Postal Service said.

Customers may purchase stamps through the Postal Store online, by calling 844-737-7826, and by mail through USA Philatelic or at local post offices.

Other new stamps already released in 2022 include one in the Black Heritage series honoring sculptor Edmonia Lewis and the latest “Music Icons” stamp featuring Pete Seeger. Coming in October: a stamp honoring the Women Cryptologists of World War II.

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