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Joe Biden turns 80 years old Sunday.

The 46th president of the United States, who, at 78, entered office as the oldest candidate to be elected, now becomes the only sitting president to celebrate his 80th birthday while in power.

Biden’s age expects to be a continued talking point for the rest of his term, especially in the context of him potentially running for office again in 2024.

There’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution barring someone from running because of old age – Article II only lists a minimum age of 35 years old.

On average, presidents are sworn in at 55 years old, according to

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Who are some of the other oldest presidents in U.S. history? Here’s a list of ten oldest presidents when they took office.

Joe Biden

Born Nov. 20, 1942, Joe Biden became the 46th president in January 2021, earning him the title of oldest president in U.S. history. Biden, who was 78 when he took the oath of office, has received sharp criticism throughout his administration from people who have questioned his age’s impact on presidential performance.

Donald Trump 

Donald Trump, born June 14, 1946, was 70 years and 220 days when he took office as the 45th president in January 2017. 

Ronald Reagan

Born Feb. 6, 1911, the 40th president Ronald Regan was 69 years and 348 days old in 1980 when he was sworn-in.

Reagan survived an assassination attempt by gunshot in 1981 during his first-term and later surgery to remove a cancerous polyp in his large intestine in 1985.

William Henry Harrison 

Born Feb. 9, 1773, ninth President William Henry Harrison became the oldest president at 68 years and 23 days old. He held that record for 140 years until Reagan became president in 1981.

James Buchanan

Nicknamed “Old Buck,” 15th President James Buchanan, born April 23, 1791, was 65 years and 315 days old when he took office in 1857.

George H. W. Bush

41st President George H. W. Bush, born June 12, 1924, was 64 years and 222 days old when he took office in 1989.

Zachary Taylor

12th President Zachary Taylor, nicknamed “Old Rough and Ready,” was 64 years and 100 days old when he took office, serving March 4, 1849 until July 9, 1850 when he died in office.

Dwight Eisenhower

At 62 years and 98 days old, Dwight Eisenhower, born Oct. 14, 1890, was sworn in as the 34th U.S. president in 1953.

Andrew Jackson

Born March 15, 1767, seventh President Andrew Jackson, nicknamed “Old Hickory,” was 61 years and 354 days old when he was inaugurated in 1829.

John Adams

Second President John Adams, born Oct. 30, 1735, was 61 years and 125 days old when he won the office in 1796 by defeating Thomas Jefferson.

Who were the youngest U.S. Presidents? 

John F. Kennedy was the youngest elected president at 43 years and 236 days old. Theodore Roosevelt became the youngest sitting president at 42 years and 322 days old, when he took office after 25th U.S. President William McKinley was assassinated in 1901.

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