Lazy Chow Chow in New York City’s Central Park stands its ground | USA TODAY

A stubborn Chow Chow in New York City’s Central Park made its walker’s life a little more difficult.

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Quit Smoking… What Is Your Plan If You Start Again?

Quit Smoking… What Is Your Plan If You Start Again?

This Is What God Will Do For You And Me

The Holy Spirit wants to get us going in the right direction. The relationship God wants to have with us will be real and personal. Jesus said, whoever serves me must follow me. What God does for you and me is not dependent on our past. God has new plans for you and me. You can learn about it right here! Right Now!

How Compatible Is Urban School Reform With The Neighborhood Revitalization?

How compatible is urban school reform with the neighborhood revitalization thrust, and how can revitalization efforts in urban communities support the work of the public school? Three perspectives frame the movement toward coordinated children’s services: a new sense of “ecology” that school, family, and community are vitally interdependent; a recognition of the need to build the “social capital” of families and communities; and a call to end the extensive fragmentation in service delivery.

Educational And Developmental Resilience

Nothing can be counted as progress in a community until the children and youth are well-served and show healthy development and steady, sustained advances in learning. The needs of children and youth in inner-city communities are very great, yet these communities continue to receive too little attention in most places. Even in those urban areas where major revitalization initiatives have been put into place, disinvestment of all kinds-economic, professional, and social-is the pattern, and fractionation across agencies, professional societies, and bureaucracies is pervasive.

How To Help Your Faith Grow

Did you read God’s Word today? God has given you His Word so you can hear it and declare it to help your faith grow. Now listen very carefully! I’m so excited about this! Your life is going to follow your thoughts, so have thoughts of faith. Keep your focus and attention on the Word of God. Will you ignore it or embrace it? Here’s a teaching article that will help you choose.