Monex USA Named For 2022 Best Company for Work-Life Balance – Business Wire

WASHINGTON–()–Monex USA today announced their win for 2022 Best Company Work-Life Balance. Based on 841 ratings and approximately a third of Monex USA employees participating, employees at Monex USA report they are satisfied with their work experience. The overall culture score, 86/100 or B+, incorporates employee ratings based on their feedback on the Team, CEO Rating, Diversity, and more.

“More companies are permanently adopting a remote/hybrid work model or expanding their time off policies,” said Comparably co-founder/CEO Jason Nazar. “Monex is included in this year’s list of Best Companies for Work-Life Balance for cultivating a workplace that prioritizes its employees’ mental health and flexibility, ultimately creating a more engaged and productive workforce.”

“Work-Life balance is at the core of Monex USA’s culture. One of our company values is to enjoy what we do, and employees can only do that if they are also able to enjoy their personal lives. We are honored to have this element of our culture recognized,” said Monex USA CEO Juan Pablo Carriedo.

Comparably Awards are derived from sentiment ratings anonymously provided by employees about their workplaces in multiple categories on throughout the year.

“With our return to the in-person and hybrid work models we have put a focus on giving our employees the work-life balance they became accustomed to during the pandemic. We recognize that our employees are the champions of our success and value their mental health and happiness,” said Dieneria Brown, Director of Human Resources at Monex USA.

Monex USA is proud to offer careers that provide purpose while also maintaining work-life balance. See our current job openings on our Career Site.

About Monex USA | | Formerly known as Tempus, Monex USA has provided corporate clients with industry-leading foreign exchange, risk management, and international payment solutions for over 23 years. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Monex USA has New York and Beverly Hills offices. As part of the global financial group of Monex, the company leverages a combined annual FX volume of over $277 billion and 2,700 employees to help more than 70,000 clients from a broad range of industries successfully navigate the global currency markets. With nearly four decades of experience, Monex is one of the world’s largest commercial foreign exchange providers, with a presence in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Holland, Singapore, Luxembourg, and the United States.