North Carolina lawmakers pass 3 new redistricting maps –

The maps will now be reviewed by a trial court and a panel of ‘special masters’ to ensure they follow the guidelines established by the North Carolina Supreme Court.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With a day to spare, North Carolina state lawmakers successfully passed new versions of congressional and legislative maps for approval by a trial court.

State lawmakers were given a deadline of Feb. 18 to create new maps after the North Carolina Supreme Court struck down the first proposals, calling them unconstitutional.

The new maps will now go to a three-judge panel in Wake County Superior Court on Friday. Judges have until Feb. 23 to approve or reject the legislature’s new proposals.

The congressional proposal gives North Carolina Democrats a better chance to pick up more seats in the state. 

The maps, if approved, would be used in the upcoming 2022 election, with the May primary being the first test.

Just ran the election performances using 2020 Presidential, US Senate, and Gubernatorial contests and yes, I’d agree: shockingly competitive in several ways. #ncpol #ncredistricting

— Dr. Michael Bitzer (@BowTiePolitics) February 17, 2022

Below is a comparison of the current North Carolina congressional map with the one passed and approved by the legislature on Thursday. Use the slider to compare the new map (on the left) with the old map (on the right).

Below is the new state House district map. Many districts shifted, and candidates will have to decide — if the maps are approved — the future of their campaigns based on the new maps.

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Lawmakers also agreed on new districts for state Senate. 

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Included in their new map proposals, lawmakers were also instructed by the state Supreme Court to include a rationale as to how they fairly used data to draw the new districts.

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