Slain Charlotte County deputy to be honored with music at memorial service Wednesday – NBC2 News

A new video from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office shows 23-year-old deputy Christopher Taylor coming back home after his autopsy in Sarasota County.

In the video, you can see deputies lining the streets as they travel along the highway. Fire trucks even positioned themselves on overpasses with their lights on.

This all comes just one day before the hero will be laid to rest.

Instead of laying down flowers, flags or stuffed animals, Guns N Hoses Pipes N Drums will honor deputy Taylor in the way they know best: music.

“For us, it’s a fitting tribute,” John McMahon said. “This young man decided to put that badge on and become an emergency service worker knowing the risks that goes with the job. It’s only right when they make the ultimate sacrifice. We’re there as pipes n drums to play for that person and the family.”

McMahon and the other players in the band know the pain of losing someone in the line of duty all too well. They’re all first responders too.

“It’s very emotional because a majority of our members in our band have been through a line of duty death, whether they’ve experienced it themselves being with that person when they died, or they were part of the agency,” McMahon said. 


The group does it for heroes like Taylor and for his sacrifice. However, it’s also for his family.

“Sometimes it’s very difficult for them to hear the bagpipes, but at the same time, it could be very comforting to them also,” he said.

If you’d like to pay your respects to deputy Taylor Wednesday, you can attend the service at Babcock Ranch or line up on Piper Road to say goodbye during the procession.

“Burying one of your own is the toughest job that any agency has to deal with,” McMahon said.