Small plane crashes into water at Alki Beach in Washington | USA TODAY

The pilot of a small plane that crashed into the water on Alki Beach has no reported injuries, according to the Seattle Fire Department.

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Why Knowing HOW to Think Is Far More Important That Knowing WHAT to Think

How to think effectively is especially relevant, at the time of writing, as the world slowly emerges from post Covid-19 lockdown and starts to come to terms with the societal, economic and financial consequences. In this article we are going to look at a number of ways of improving your cognitive capabilities and provide you with a range of practical tools and resources to do this successfully.

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It’s All Over But The Lying

The one thing I don’t like is when somebody deliberately lies to me. Trust me; this has happened quite a few times in my life. Sometimes, by accident, they say something that isn’t true; they just got their facts mixed up. Other times, it’s a ploy to deceive me and get something from me. As I often say, if you can’t con me you can’t con anyone. I must say I have become very suspicious when somebody I don’t know promises me something “free.” If you follow through with these “free” things, it’s like my aunt used to say, “Sonny, there ain’t nuthin free.” I’m sure my aunt would not lie to me.

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