USA blames Russia for Thanksgiving dinner rising prices – WION

The US Department of Agriculture points to the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine as one of the main reasons why Thanksgiving dinner will be costlier than ever before. 

A memo by USDA which was released this month mentioned that turkey prices will be higher because of this year’s outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). This avian flu has led to the death of 8 million

turkeys alone in 2022. USDA further added that “Russia’s war on Ukraine and drought across the United States” are other major factors that are “pushing up the price of Thanksgiving staples.”


Though USDA does not explain how exactly Russia’s war against Ukraine is affecting the prices of turkey, President Biden and his administration have been blaming Russia for increasing inflation since the war started. Biden has also referred to the higher food and energy prices as “Putin’s price hike.”

The average cost of Thanksgiving retail staples like fresh turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and green beans cost about 1% more this year as compared to the last year, and substituting it with a frozen turkey means a 6% increase in 2021. 

Many are saying that the food prices in the USA were on a surge even before the Russian-Ukraine tensions started. The Russian war on Ukraine along with the bird flu added to the already rising prices that are showing results this month. 

(With inputs from agencies)