Utah officers fall through ice trying to rescue teen | USA TODAY

These Ogden officers saved a teen after he had fallen through ice.

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Dramatic bodycam footage shows Utah officers falling through ice while attempting to rescue a boy from an icy pond.

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You Can’t Fix Stupid!: 5 Concerning Examples!

If, you are, as concerned, as I am, about the apparent lack of willingness, by many Americans, to take actions, for the greater good, etc, perhaps, the so – called, bottom – line, explanation, may be, you can’t fix stupid! Whether, it’s related to public health and safety, sane gun control measures/ regulations/ rules, being willing to demand better, rather than blindly – supporting any individual (such as we have witnessed, from many, Trump supporters), selectively (instead of total) support for our Constitutional guarantees/ freedoms/ rights, and/ or, demanding better, from those, we elect, unless/ until, we begin to do…

Consciousness and the Current Scientific Model

One question that has always fascinated me is what exactly is ‘consciousness’ and where does it fit into reality? I know that consciousness is the underlying ‘awareness’ we all have inside our minds and out of which everything we experience arises. Smells, tastes, colours, emotions, thoughts.

What You Can Do to Face Your Greatest Fears

“There may be times when you have to face your worst fears. Perhaps your fears have a name, or perhaps your fears consist of a situation you do not want to be in. Whatever the case may be, know you can and will rise above it. You are strong.” The most destructive form of fear occurs from thoughts you allow to continue to replay in your mind, in which you believe situations or people control you or your life. While it’s true you may be limited, because of a situation you find yourself in, a set of circumstances you’re unable to control, or anything else you’re unable to change now. However, you are limitless in your ability to dream, plan, and believe in new possibilities. Here’s something important to remember: You are always free. While you may not be able to control what goes on around you, and the actions others may take in an attempt to dominate you, you control your life by what you think. There’s nothing more freeing, especially during the worst of times, than thinking and planning a new life.

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