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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Stacey Abrams is making a stop in Charlotte as part of her 12-city tour.

Abrams made history as becoming the first Black woman to be a gubernatorial nominee for a major party in any state.

She is traveling to different cities to talk about politics, leadership, entrepreneurship, and social justice. She promises candid conversations with the audience.

“Although I’m doing a lot of talking,” Stacey Abrams said. “I’m doing a lot of listening. And the point of this tour is to really engage and to think about together who we are. How we think about our democracy. How we think about our interconnectedness, but also how we talk about what we want to be. And I was privileged to write a book called “Lead from the Outside” and another one called “Our Time is Now” that really looks at the political side, but also the personal side of progress and opportunity. And my hope is that by being in Charlotte, I’ll get some new questions and have some new opportunities to think about not only the work that I can do but the work we can do together.”

Abrams claims there are currently effective leaders in place but encourages people if they want to be a voice of change and be a leader – you must embrace others.

“Leadership is only leadership if people are following you,” Abrams said. “And that means that you are paying attention to the needs of those around you and that you are responsive to, it means understanding that not every truth that you hold is the truth for someone else. And the best leaders are ones who are willing to understand stories that aren’t their own, who are willing to expand their minds, expand their experiences so that they can be the most responsive possible.”

Abrams stays busy fighting for democracy and voting rights. She says she is not ready to reveal if she will run for Governor of Georgia again.

“I have not made any decisions about my elected path,” Abrams said. “I just know that one day I’m going to run for office again, but right now I’m trying to make sure we have a democracy in this country when I get there.”

Abrams will be at Ovens Auditorium Wednesday, November 17th at 7:30 PM.

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