Welcome to Sharia Law in the United States – Villages-News

To the Editor:

With the striking down of a fundamental right, overturning 50+ years of precedent, it seems that we have entered into Sharia law in the United States. It is not Islamic Sharia law based on an interpretation of the Quran, which so many Islamophobes have made much todo about. Instead, it is Catholic Sharia law based on their interpretation of the Bible. However, it seems to a non-Catholic, non-Muslim to be Sharia law nonetheless. My belief is further backed by Judge Thomas’ ideas that he and the other five Catholics on the Supreme Court should next turn its attention to overturn other basic laws with precedent, including same-sex marriage, birth control and what sexual acts between consenting adults should be legal. These are all areas that go against Catholic teaching, though not necessarily against other faiths or against secular beliefs or laws. So much for separation of church and state in this country, something about which the founding fathers were so clear. Goodbye democracy, hello theocracy.

Jerry Bell

Village of Pine Ridge